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Park Models for Sale or Rent

Searching for a park model to rent or buy can be difficult because there are few websites that focus on this lifestyle. In fact a large part of the motivation for developing this site is for that very reason. 

"We watched as friends spent literally days going from park to park to look at  bulletin boards, visit realtors, park offices, phone ads, drive by trailers, and then waste everyone's time only to find the trailer was not to their liking." 
A lot of that hassle could be avoided for everyone with good information on the web that they could browse around and only follow-up with those that meet their criteria.

Park Models for Rent


Also check out the featured parks ... shown on this (and each) page. These are parks we know are good to deal with and we have no hesitation in having them appear on our site.Click on their ad to go to their site. While they do list some units on our 'for rent' listings, they probably have more available. Rentals change quickly.  

All the park websites provide some information about how to find sales and rentals in their parks even if they don't actually list them. In most cases you need to contact the park to get more information and other listings.


Park Models For Sale 

Also check out the featured parks shown on this (and each) page. Our featured parks have all been visited and we have no hesitation in having them appear on our site.Click on their ad to go to their site. While they do list some units on our 'for sale' listings, most have many more available. 

Take a look at our classified section of units for sale.

Where else to Look

We have been told that the most common method of selling or renting a park model is through 'word of mouth'. Given the nature of the parks it is understandable that would happen as people visit friends in a park and get sold on becoming a resident.

Also, the small town community aspect of the parks certainly lends itself to 'hearing about an available unit' by talking to other park residents. There is a lot of informal communication in the parks on all matters including this one.

Of course talking to acquaintances is advisable. But it is also a good idea to shop around somewhat to see what else is available out there. There may be other units available in the same park as your friends, or maybe you have different interests and want to look at other parks as well.

Park Realtors

Most of the larger parks will have a park realtor or at least someone who handles sales and rentals. This can be a good contact to help you find a unit, whether for sale or a rental. When you go to the park's site it will be obvious who is handling the sales and rentals.

Don't hesitate to contact these realtors and indicate exactly what you are looking for. In some cases they will be willing to provide individual contacts in the park if they don't have what you want.

A note about Park Realtors: There is a reason this industry exists. These are the specialists. While we all like to save money and may feel there is no need for a 'person in the middle', we also need to be very careful. Depending on how much you are investing, and how much risk you are prepared to take, you may 'need' to deal with a realtor or other 'expert'.

This is not the same as those houses you have bought over the years. This is unique. The unit itself is different, the park and location issues are different, and the local conditions (i.e. local termites) are different.

Even if buying a unit not listed with the agent, you may want to hire an agent to assist you with the transaction. At least take the trouble to inquire about their fee to assist. 

 Park Bulletin Boards

Most of the parks have a bulletin board where individual trailer owners can post their trailer for rent or sale. In some of the privately-owned parks this is often the only method for individual residents to promote their trailer rental or sale.

The problem is to access these listings. It requires a visit to the area and a lot of driving around to the parks of interest to view the bulletin board. Then you will need to contact the trailer owner to get more information and view the trailer.

If you know someone in the park you can ask them to check out the bulletin board for you. And you may even get a cooperative park office who will also do that.  


Featured Resort Parks

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