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Finding Rentals

We have had to add this 'temporary' extra page to address the shortage of rentals. 

If you don't find what you need on … THIS PAGE.  … click back to this page to check out some 'rent by owner' lists we try to source.

*****  Rincon Country in Tucson ... has added a number of units for rent. One of the highest rated parks in the U.S. 

(see Weekly/Monthly/Seasonal Rates ... HERE
 Phone ... (1-800) 782-7275 for West Rincon park and 
(1-888) 401-8989 for East Rincon park

(mention our website when you call)  


 Some 'Rent by Owner' Lists

 You must deal directly with the unit owner ... the parks provide these lists simply as a service to assist their residents. (Most parks don't bother)
Also ... click on the park name to see what the park is like. 
But ... we need your help. We put a lot of effort in trying to find sources of rentals to help out snowbirds. We don't get paid for sourcing these lists for you to use. But folks renting thier units and/or the parks have no idea what impact we may have. So please mention our website you found this on ... snowbirdtrailer.com or arizonasnowbirdparks.com. Appreciate. 
  • Fortuna de Oro & Sundance ... Yuma ... Contact Gus for rental list at ... 



     *****Also look at our PARK LIST  *****
for parks that show rentals on their websites


       If still having trouble you may want to search some of the 'free' type websites and/or social media. BUT … Be careful! Because ......


They will copy a rental ad and place it as though it is theirs. You are hundreds of miles away from the rental and they will want a deposit.

Sites like ours charge for the ads and are paid via credit card or similar. (Or the rentals are sourced through the parks) Of course a scammer does not want that record on file even if willing to pay for the ad.

If using those sites find a way to confirm ownership. Contact the park office to confirm. Or go to the community website to check ownership.


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